Thursday, August 8, 2013

How I ended up In Missouri

8/8/2013  Update
Business has been very good. I am regularly booked out at least a month and a half out.  The move to Missouri has been a true blessing to my family.  Darci has also become Self-employed by Assisting Financial Advisors Virtually.  She has also been assisting other women in starting their own VA businesses at a very low cost - It is more about helping women who want to stay home with kids, need to be home for other reasons but still need to make a living.  My oldest Daughter joined the Navy last Sept and is now in Guam - seems to be loving what she is doing, and we are very proud of her.  Our youngest (not so young anymore) is a Senior this coming year, has a job, extracurricular activities and is a very busy girl.  She seems so busy it is amazing she can still pull out a good GPA.  Very proud of the wonderful young women they have grownup to be.
I am amazed daily at the kindness of the people I have come in contact with here in Missouri, whether at church, on the job or just hanging out.  Wish I had moved years ago.

I have had many people ask me, "How the heck did you end up here from Nevada?"  Well here is the story - Last Spring (March 2011) my wife, Darci, and I sat down to look at where we were financially.  I had been laid off for the last 3 1/2 years but had started my "Steve's woodworking handyman" and was doing "ok".  as the economy continued to tank, people in Nevada were just not spending the money on anything except necessities.  With all the other out of work contractors and carpenters there was little work and it was extremely competitive.  Darci had a good job and I got enough work to get by, but we were tired of just getting by and so were the kids.  We knew our savings would not last long enough for the economy to turn around and we were at risk of losing everything we had.  As a family we decided to move - the question was where?  So Darci (being the numbers girl she is) started putting together some information on all 50 continental states, i.e. tax rates, sales tax, gas prices, cost of living, wages, unemployment rates, budget shortfall projections per state and came up with our top 5.  North & South Dakota (too cold) Iowa (still too cold ) Texas (been there already, possible) and Missouri.  We all decided on Missouri.  St. Louis specifically due to employment opportunities.  So Now, Darci gave 3 months notice at work, we needed to rent our house, and buy one in St. Louis (someplace we have never been).  Renters for House in Reno were an answer to prayer!! asked us for a 2 year agreement.  Darci's company decided to keep her on for a while and let her work remotely - Halleluiah!!! we were able to close on a house in St. Peters the Friday before we rolled out of Reno Saturday July 23rd 2011. ( close call!!) definitely a miracle.  and the biggest miracle of all is that both our Teenage daughters were game for the move (when does that happen!!!).   So here we are, I have been blessed to be able to find work, Darci continues with her company for now (may end this spring) and the girls are in School and we love it out here. I am bless to have such a brave and courageous family willing to take a chance together - God's hands were all over this, no doubt.  Please feel free to comment and share. - Steve