Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Honey Do List !

I have to say, I love doing people's "Honey Do" List.  After years in the construction industry building custom stairs, mantels and cabinets - still love the opportunity to to that, but - I get a lot of satisfaction from doing the "list" that just needs to be done.  Recently, went to a home that the homeowners have been working on for quite some time, the husband seems very talented and has done a awesome job.  But, the dilemma, as with a lot of people - it is not always the lack of skill, but the lack of time.  They were getting down to the wire and had company coming and just needed someone to come finish it off.  Just three days to finish, with a fair rate.  Would have taken them another month or so, both work full time - hard to fit all this in with family commitments and lets be honest - you have to make time for fun!!! I certainly do.

Call me if you have a "Honey Do List"  I would love the opportunity to just get it done so you can go on the the next thing.