Friday, August 30, 2013

Websites and Blogs I follow

Please note the Blogs and Websites I follow.  Here is an overview of why I share their information on my blog.

Cardinal Automotive and Tire - Mike is awesome - He keeps my truck working and on the road.  Anytime I have an issue he gets me right in and takes care of it.  Without my truck I am not working.

StressCare Therapy:  Clare is my massage therapist, without her working on me every month I probably could not get up in the morning.  Plus I am a huge proponent of massage therapy and acupuncture as a way to stay healthy.

Tiny House:  My wife and I plan to someday buy some land and build a couple of tiny houses.  Seems a fun and simple life to live.

Jenna:  She is a friend from church who is on mission in Africa - we love her and try to support her anyway we can.

Virtual Assistant:  That is my wife's business, on top of keeping me straight and on schedule, she also does administrative services for several other companies in the US.

The Blue Gate:  A great shop in Iowa with many interesting and decorative treasures, Linda is very talented and she seems to be able to take things I would think of as junk and give it value and beauty.

Please take a look and tell me what you think.  You will find the links to each on my blog on the right hand side about halfway down.