Thursday, October 17, 2013

Winter is fast approaching!!!!

There are two kinds of homeowners this month: The ones who took advantage of nice days this summer and got their houses ready for winter and already had the furnace checked, etc.; and those who now admit they did little in the way of home maintenance this summer and now have just a few weeks to catch up.  Here is a short list to help you out.

1. Get your lawn mower ready to rest. That means using up all the gasoline in the tank and changing the oil.
2. Make sure your snow blower is ready to go. 

  • 3. Make sure your gutters are clean (if you check them now, check them again after the leaves have fallen). You don’t want snow melting and freezing in them.

  • 4. If you've got a wobbly handrail or defective step, fix it now before it becomes snow- or ice-covered.

  • 5. Inspect your roof. You don’t want ice building up there, either. If you see a problem, don’t panic. Call a reputable firm and ask if they can repair, rather than replace.

  • 6. Grab a tube of caulk and a stepladder and check for cracks on the exterior of your home. Fix them.
    7. Now check the weather-stripping around doors and windows and replace as needed.

  • 8. Do you need more attic or other insulation? Now is the time.

  • 9. When you've watered for the last time, turn off the inside valve to your exterior faucet so it doesn't freeze and burst.

  • 10.  Clean the dryer vent and exhaust. This should be done periodically but fall is a good time to take it apart and make sure it’s free of lint. Otherwise, it becomes a fire hazard.

  • 11. Do you have plans to paint inside or have carpet cleaned? Do it now, if you can, so you can air things out with fresh outdoor air.
    12. Holidays are fast approaching - do you need some last minute repairs before guests arrive?

    these are the basics - feel free to call if you need some guidance or assistance, we would be happy to help.