Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Big Move - Pipe Creek, TX

Took some time off from the business to see some sights.  Decided living in the city was not for me, too many people and way too much traffic.  Doing this kind of work you spend alot of time on the road and freeway driving - traffic jams, etc.  can add hours to your days.  In addition, the winter here was pretty hard on me.

So we rented the house in Missouri and headed down to the Texas Hill Country.  What a beautiful place.  I am doing what is called Work Camping presently, but looking to start up Steve's Woodworking at some level.  Will keep you posted as the work comes in.  May be a bit, my wife needs to start marketing me here like she did in St. Louis, may take a month or two for the first job to roll in.

Thankfully Darci can do her work from anywhere with an internet connection, so we aren't in dire straights until I get some work rolling in.