Friday, August 8, 2014

Carpenter On the Move!!

Praise the Lord!!  I prayed for some work - and he as provided.  Prayed for a nice place to park RV that was affordable and My Savior provided that too.!!

Doing the Work Camper thing in Pipe Creek just was not for me.  So, we moved on to Boerne TX.

View from our back window, on a hill looking out. Located in a small RV park 7 miles west of Boerne TX.  Very nice neighbors and a pool.  Pool is a plus with these very hot temperatures right now.

Anyway, Darci activated my Angie's List account and we had a call within a week.  The gentleman accepted our estimate for the work and I start the job on Tuesday.  I look forward to doing some quality work to help improve a person's personal space.