Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finishing where others left off

I bring this up because it seems to happen quite a bit to me.  There are several scenarios where this happens, for example:

  1. Homeowner hired wrong person to do the job
  2. Homeowner began the project and then realized they do not have the right tools and/or skills to continue
  3. Hired someone who just walks off the project before completion. (happens more then you think)
  4. Homeowner capable, but are low on time and/or motivation to complete.

We will take these one at a time.

1. Hiring the wrong person, we sometimes hire our friends, family or someone we meet and do not know well.  They relate they can do the work, we usually do not question it.  I am guilty of doing it to, and as we all know it can be an expensive lesson.

2. As a homeowner myself I have started some projects which were out of my areas of expertise and ended up hiring someone to finish at times.  I would never fault a homeowner for trying, as long as they also understand that coming in behind them can be labor intensive depending on how much "redo" has to be done.  And I am always happy to have homeowner assistance if they wish to learn.

3. The walk offs - Happens.  Best to always check references, websites, referral sources etc.  Google them and see if there is anything negative.  Even if you know them - Trust can be expensive if it doesn't work out.

4. Being a Carpenter and do-it myself kind of guy, I understand the motivation of doing things yourself.  But I also understand the value of our time.  A project may take you months to complete if you are working on it after your regular job and on weekends.  A pro may get the same thing done in days or a week.  You have to weigh the cost - it is not always valued in dollars alone.  What is the real sacrifice.  You still have to have some fun and a life.

Keep these in mind as you plan your next project.  Our time is valuable, especially when spent with friends and family.