Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Game Board - A Blast from the Past

Wow!! What a blast from the past this project was.  A lady contacted us from Missouri and asked if I could make this Game Board and get it to her before Christmas.  She sent pictures of her old game and measurements.  Darci saw it and said her family had the same game, except her dad had put a hole in the center for a shortcut.  Her parents had been introduced to the game in San Diego when her father was stationed there in the Navy. Her parents were in their 20's - that was about 65 years ago.  Darci's family called it "The Murder Board" probably not very politically correct for today's world - but she said they played often and it is presently still passed around in the family - her brother has it for now.

We would love to hear from anyone who may have played the same game or a variation of it - this was all before the games of aggravation, trouble and sorry - I am sure they came from this at some point in history.

This is her original - seems well loved don't you think?