Friday, May 8, 2015

On the Move Again!! Praise God

We did finally make to Yuma and were able to see some friends and do some work for some of the neighbors.  But the main purpose for the trip is to see the Parents and do some work in California for a month or so.  Will be back to Texas mid July I think.

Funny how I had 3 weeks with little to no work, so we decided to go to California to see family and work for some people who had been asking us to come.  Low and behold we start getting calls for work in Texas after we left.  Hoping some of that is still out there upon my return.  Will keep my location posted here.  Basic travel plan - is Southern California (Riverside to Simi Valley area) for about a month or so - Then travel up 395 to Reno, NV (wife's Parents visit) Have some work up there for some previous clients as well. Then travel back to Texas.

If you are reading this blog and need some work, I will happily stop along the way.  If you are off the route will still consider making the detour depending on the work and timeline.  Feel free to Call me 775-233-6386