Monday, June 29, 2015

Honey Do Lists - Riverside Ca

I am in Riverside, California for a couple of weeks doing a list of repair and maintenance for my sister.  But while visiting with my parents someone in their neighborhood called the number on my truck to ask if I could do a few things for them while in the area.  Absolutely!!  Did that last week, now we are discussing me returning in the winter or next spring to remodel her kitchen.

Rolling out of here in a week or so and heading to Reno, NV.  Father in Law has a birthday party, he is 80.  And have a few clients that have some small jobs while in the area.  Looks like a week there and then we will be heading back to Texas.  ETA appears to be mid to late July.

I have a small list of my Texas people to call as soon as I know exactly when I will return so I can put them on the schedule.  Looking forward to getting back to Texas - California has been nice, great to visit with family, but too hot and dry for me.  And I have to say, the traffic is killing me.