Thursday, July 16, 2015

On my way Back to Texas!!!!

I have finished the work scheduled around California and Nevada.  I can tell you Darci and I are glad to be on our way back to the Hill Country in Texas.  Even though both our families are in California and Nevada - neither one of us are big fans anymore.  Texas just has a way of making you fall in love with it.  The landscape is diverse, the culture is warm, welcoming and much more laid back.  I am glad our youngest daughter has made it her home as well, she has settled in a cute little town called Comfort and works as a pastry chef in a popular Bed and Breakfast.  We are hopeful our oldest will settle in Texas as well once her Navy commitment is complete.

Praise God we have contacted several clients who have called in our absence and have waited for our return.  We are now scheduling work beginning July 27th.  If you want to get on the schedule, we will be back the week of the 20th - please give us a call.