Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Porch Posts

I see a common issue with many older homes and even some newer ones.  If a home faces the south or west they tend to get most of the weather on the front of the house.  If their porch posts sit on the concrete, the water causes the wood to swell and soak up into the posts and rots the bottom of the post.  An easy way to check is to just take a screw driver and poke around the base of your posts - if the wood is rotted, it will be obvious, and most likely time to replace them.

These posts look perfectly fine at first glance, but the wood was rotted 3-4 inches up from the bottom of the post.  If you have porch posts that get some rain or moisture on a regular basis you should take a closer look every couple of years.

The new posts have Metal between the bottom and the concrete, then I simply wrap the bottom so it has a finished look. Better and cheaper to replace some simple trim every 5-10 years then the whole post.