Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Poor Carpenters Christmas Tree

I am still a new Texan, having only been here for two years.  Last year during Christmas we did not worry about a Christmas tree because we spent Christmas Day in Austin with our daughter while she was there for school.  This year we wanted to help her with a tree for her apartment.  Texas obviously has no trees of it's own so it ships them in to be sold at the local Tree lots during the season.  They were pretty expensive, so we thought we would wait for the week before Christmas to maybe get a discount.  What we find is that all the trees in the area are sold and all the lots are actually closed down.  At this point what are our choices? buy an expensive fake tree from a Box Store?  Not really feeling that - I am not against fake trees - just not my thing.  So I went to the shop, looked around  to see what I had in there and it hit me.  I will create a "Tree" from an old porch post, dowels, paint and garland.  What fun it was decorating with our daughter in her apartment.  It is not mean't to resemble an actual tree, Just something to hang ornements on and a place to put presents.  What is great about this idea is we can remove dowels that are in the way of things.  My daughter loved it and plans to use it in the coming years.