Friday, March 11, 2016

Finish Work - What is that?

Finish work can be most anything that just needs to be - well Finished on the interior of the home. Items can include, base, crown moulding, mantels, door and window casing, hanging or re-hanging of doors in your home, cabinetry, built in cabinets and the list goes on.  

I am presently on a home in San Antonio Tx that the homeowner is remodeling and has got so far with it hiring different people and then came to the finish work and many other odds and ends and adjustments.  We did a walk through and wrote a 3 page list that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks.  Additional items have been added as we go along so it looks like I will be coming back in a couple of weeks for some additional time to hopefully help her wrap things up so she can move her family in.

One of the items she came up with that I thought was awesome and I loved doing it was using the Laundry room as a place for her dogs.  But not wanting to totally lock them behind a closed door, she asked me to cut the door in half, cut out the middle portion of the lower part of the door and but bars to keep the dogs in.  It looks like a "Dog Jail", but so very cute.  Will post a seperate picture later.  And the work goes on...........

Praise God - I love my job!!!