Monday, May 29, 2017

Stair Remodel - Step by Step

Before and After  - Austin TX
Stair Remodel

Thought it would be helpful to see a stair remodeled.

1.  Day 1 - Present stair - needs some updating

Take note of the Posts along the stair.  It is not to code as well as a safety issue to not have a rail you can hold onto continuously as to go up or down the stair.  With each post tip you have to release your hand for the next section.  If you have an older person in your life or small kids this is definitely a safety issue and should be addressed.
2.  The Tear-out and begin with proper skirts instead of the casing trim that was originally used.
Still Day 1

Day 1 continues - finding that the stair was not framed correctly in places. Making adjustments as I go. - will post as Steve uploads photos

End of Day 1: starting step in, skirts, a couple of tread ends and risers.  looking good!!!  Love the color stain homeowner selected.

Day 2 - inside Skirting completed.

End of Day 2:

Day 3 - Going well.  Most of cap, skirts and trim are in.

End of Day 3:  Note Since I am working out of town putting in 10-12 days.

Day 4 - time to start hanging rails

Day 5 - Finished hanging Rails - now to start put in the iron balusters.

Day 5 continues with putting the iron balusters in

Tomorrow just a little touch up here and there and all done.  I am sure the homeowner will be pleased.